General Purpose Concrete Sealer

Flexco General Purpose Concrete, Slate and Paver Sealer Thermoplastic Acrylic Solution (Non Slip Optional)

Product Description

Flexco General Purpose Concrete, Slate and Paver Sealer is a thermoplastic acrylic solution in a ready-for-use formulation that produces a hard, yet flexible clear film. It is non-yellowing, has excellent resistance to water, alkalis and contains a UV absorber to improve protection against UV light. It is ideally suited for clear and pigmented coatings on a wide range of substrates, such as concrete, masonry, pavers and slate sealing. The product is supplied as a 25% solution in a blend of R100 and xylene. A non slip component can be added.


Performance Benefits


Ensure substrate to be coated is thoroughly clean, by either first a light acid wash and neutralisation with clean water to remove laitance and any oxidisation, or simply a good wash down with water if surface is relatively clean but maybe just dusty.

Stir contents of tin thoroughly to ensure non slip component is well mixed through

Using a brush or roller, apply the first coat liberally, allowing to dry before applying a second coat.


On a flat surface, a coverage rate of 8-10 square metres per litre can be expected. On rougher and more porous surfaces allow for less coverage

Typical Physical Properties

Clear, colourless, liquid % Nonvolatile:  
  Weight* 24.0 - 25.5
Solvent type: Volume* 22.3 - 23.7
R100 / xylene Specific Gravity 0.93
  Viscosity Brookfield LVT (sp1/30rpm/25°C) 40-100
  Flash point (°C) 24
  Tg* (°C) 55

* Theoretical values are listed. Actual values may vary depending on test method and coating composition.

Flexco can only give recommendations on the use of its products, and cannot control their use by tradesmen.

Flexco will not be responsible for product washout due to water ingress from rain or sprinklers prior to their cure. It is the subcontractors responsibility to ensure there has been sufficient cure time of the products prior to traffic, and that all precautions are taken to avoid ingress of water from rain etc.

Flexco is not responsible for engineering, and specific or architectural design and specification for fixings and control joints etc.


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