A mortar that saves on labour, handling and wastage


"Megamortar" comes in a 40 kg bag, consisting of pre blended powders. The sand component is washed and kiln dried, reducing chloride levels to an acceptable level. Also other impurities are greatly reduced.

The blend is 4 parts sand (32kg) and 1 part cement (8kg).

25 x 40 kg bags per pallet.

For use as a screed to form shower bases:

Use “Flexi Wall ‘n Floor 2 Part Liquid” mixed 50 / 50 with water, and mix into “Megamortar” until the desired and required screeding mortar is achieved.

Prime existing concrete floors first.

For use as a concrete roof tile bedding mortar:

Use up to 400 ml of “Megamix” during the mixing stage. Refer to the “Megamix” admixture specification sheet for details.

Use a suitable mixing method, preferably a mixer.

“Megamortar” can be coloured using conventional oxides. Preblend the oxide with the powder in a dry state, before adding the “Megamix”, and water to suit the desired and required consistency.

“Megamortar” is compatible with “Flexi-point”, flexible pointing mortar for concrete tile roofs.

The “Megamix” provides good adhesion and final density, along with colour enhancement when oxides are used. Also efflorescence is greatly reduced.

Not only does Megamortar take the variables out of onsite measurement, but also provides consistent sand quality. Tradesmen save on labour, and handling of material. Also wastage is reduced to nil. They are also guaranteed consistent mixes, from mix to mix.

Flexco can only give recommendations on the use of its products, and cannot control their use by tradesmen.

Flexco will not be responsible for product washout due to water ingress from rain or sprinklers prior to their cure. It is the subcontractors responsibility to ensure there has been sufficient cure time of the products prior to traffic, and that all precautions are taken to avoid ingress of water from rain etc.

Flexco is not responsible for engineering, and specific or architectural design and specification for fixings and control joints etc.

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