Self Leveller 88

A self-smoothing cementitious underlayment

Self Leveller 88

Self Leveller 88 is a self-smoothing cementitious underlayment when installed 3mm or above, specifically formulated for preparation of concrete sub floors prior to the laying of vinyl, carpet and tile floorcoverings.

The specially selected cements and polymers contained in Self Leveller 88 produces a fast setting underlayment with exceptional adhesion to most prepared flooring materials.


Flexco can only give recommendations on the use of its products, and cannot control their use by tradesmen.

Flexco will not be responsible for product washout due to water ingress from rain or sprinklers prior to their cure. It is the subcontractors responsibility to ensure there has been sufficient cure time of the products prior to traffic, and that all precautions are taken to avoid ingress of water from rain etc.

Flexco is not responsible for engineering, and specific or architectural design and specification for fixings and control joints etc.

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