Recommended Specifications for Adhesives

  1. What is pot life, open time & wet tack?

  2. Recommendations Tiling on to Membrane

  3. Recomendations for waterproofing and adhesion of tile and stone to cement board, masonry block and precast concrete walls

  4. Recomendations for Adhering Stone, Brick Slips or Tiles to Membranes on walls

  5. Information on Cement Board

  6. Interior adhesion of Tiles to Cement Board

  7. Exterior adhesion of Stone, Tiles & Brick Slip Facings to Cement Board

  8. Adhesion of Stone, Tiles & Brick Slip Facings to Blockwork

  9. Adhesion of Stone, Tiles & Brick Slip Facings to Precast or Tilt Slabs

  10. Adhesion of Concrete/Clay Cobblestones or Pavers to Concrete

  11. Concrete Swimming Pools

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